As the entire world waits for a breakthrough in battery technology, it is better to be on the safe side; by investing in power banks. Needless to say, smartphones have the worst type of batteries, not being able to power a device for the entire day. For this reason, everyone should have a secondary source of powering their phones especially when there is no access to mains electricity.

In this post, we will take a brief look at why you should buy a power bank, and how to go about getting the best one.

Why you need a power bank


The best advantage of power banks is that they are portable, meaning that you can go with it everywhere. This makes it possible to increase the practicality of having a functional phone, in that you can power it at any moment.

Not brand specific

Also, using a power bank, you can power all your devices that are USB powered. This means that you can power your tablet, all your phone, and even USB lamps if need be.

Choosing a power bank

The size

The physical size of the power bank is the most important thing that you should first consider. Make sure that you can comfortably carry it around, and it is convenient for your use. Power banks come in all shapes and sizes.

Power capacity

Power capacity is very important, and usually about the physical size of the power bank. This means that the bigger the power bank, the more power capacity it will have. If you are off the grid most of the time or going for camping, then you better go with the biggest you can get.


The number of products is imperative. This will dictate the number of devices you can power at a go. A good power bank should be able to charge at least two phones at the same time. This gives you flexibility and is more convenient in case you need to charge more than one phone at the same time.

Fast charge support

Fast charge is a new method of charging phones. In thlksndaklvalksdnvlknasldkvlkasdkvnasdvase past, it took two to three hours to charge a phone fully. These days, with the introduction of fast charge, the whole process can be done within 40 minutes. Therefore, when buying a power bank, make sure that it supports the fast charge, albeit being backward compatible and still being able to charge phones that do not have that feature.