Euromembrane 2012

Euromembrane 2012

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UPDATE: Euromembrane 2012 has now sold out. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list to register, please contact with your details. We cannot guarantee onsite places will become available.
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Join international delegates at the Euromembrane 2012 conference to be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London on 23rd-27th September 2012.

Previous meetings were held in Paris (1992), Bath (1995), Enschede (1997), Leuven (1998), Jerusalem (2000), Hamburg (2004), Taormina (2006) and Montpellier (2009).

The aim of the Euromembrane Conference series is to bring together academic and industrial scientists from the field of membrane science and technology to stimulate contacts and to exchange new ideas on their research work. The conference will cover all types of membrane and related work including membrane materials, membrane fabrication and characterisation, modelling and simulation, membranes for process intensification, and application. The conference will be organized by the European Membrane Society and Imperial College London.

EMS 30th Anniversary Celebration and Awards

This year the European Membrane Society (EMS) is celebrating its 30th Anniversary (1982-2012). On this special occasion a celebration has been planned during Euromembrane 2012. Moreover, the society has allocated a significant budget to promote membrane-related scientific and educational events during the year. Student participation is strongly encouraged and for this purpose, both travel and presenting awards will be available. For further details, please, check the EMS website:


  • Gas and vapour separation
  • Membranes for biorefinery applications
  • Membranes for drinking water production
  • Ultra and microfiltration
  • Waste water treatment and membrane fouling
  • Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Organic solvent nanofiltration
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Membrane contactors and multifunctional reactors
  • Membranes for energy generation and CO2 capture
  • Fuel cells/batteries, electromembrane processes
  • Facilitated transport membranes
  • Biomedical membrane applications
  • Microfluidic membrane applications
  • Modelling
  • Membrane ageing
  • Membrane characterization
  • Membrane formation
  • Membrane and surface modification
  • Molecular membrane design
  • Inorganic membranes
  • Mixed matrix membranes and carbon membranes

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